A Pair of French Zinc Classical Statues Representing the Arts and Sciences

A pair of French Zinc classical statues embodying the Arts and Sciences, the draped female figures in classical adelphos garments and bare feet. Both naturalistically rendered and shown controposto, attired in ancient Greek style drapery over a Delphos form bodice, the fabric cascading around the bare feet and resting on round plinth. Erato the daughter of Zeus representing Music, holding a lyre aloft, the face with heroic profile and center parted realistic hair with bun, crowned with laurel wreath garland. The statue of Epione goddess of healing, representing Science, is the consort of Asclepius god of medicine and son of Apollo, and holds a satchel and rod of Aslepius.
Price: $50,000.00

56" Height x 21" Width x 19" Depth

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